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Update on Corona situation in Sweden

Just 3 days ago the Prime minister announced restriction on a gathering of 50 or more people. Still the schools, restaurants and stores are open here. The government says that the virus spread is flat now and the affected people rate is increasing very slow compared to other countries. The situation is really very confusing

Attachment Vs Growth

Attachment vs Growth The word attachment is getting stranger these days.earlier a girl used to leave her parents and home and get married.from one home to another home.after all what is a home? The definition of home itself is a days we move a lot due to job opportunities.and everywhere we go we try

Help me, Help me not

We always feel that it’s our right to ask help to others and others  are supposed to help us.I have seen people around me hate other people who were successful in life but didn’t help them.They feel these people are so mean and bad that inspite of having everything why are  they not helping them?